Vegas, VI, and Texas 2016

2016: Vegas, Virgin Islands, and Texasvi-5-cane-bay

Vegas – December
NFR is fun, and the scenery is amazing. I am not talking about the scenery at the casinos even though it is very well decorated for the Christmas season. Save your money and hire a driver if you want to see sight see. It is totally worth it. Hoover Dam is something to see.


Allegiant Airlines: Cheap, cheap flights, but beware of the following:
All beverages cost money. A diet Coke is $2.00.
They accept nothing but cards.
Weight for check in luggage on other planes is 50 lbs., but for this airline, it is 40 lbs. Yes, I had to weigh my luggage before I left the house.

You can bring on the plane a purse or a very small bag. If you bring carry-on luggage such as a back pack, it will cost you $15.00, if you do it online before you leave. If you wait until you get to the airport, I think it is $35.00.
You are charged if you pick your seat. I do not care where I sit or who I sit with on the plane. It is like an opportunity to meet new people, but if that is important to you then this might not be a good choice for you.
It was still worth it to me because a non-stop Vegas flight for $150.00 including baggage is worth a little inconvenience.


Virgin Islands – August
St. Thomas and St. Croix
Awesome adventure. I met some really great people.
Every day it is like you are looking at a picture or a postcard. It reminded me of Costa Rica where you want to reach out and touch what you are viewing to make sure that it is

I stayed at Bluebeard’s Castle. The staff was so nice and accommodating.

Corner by the Pool – Great place for breakfast.
Cabana Bar – Love the ladies who work at the bar!
Warning: Alcohol is very plentiful in the islands. It is cheaper to put alcohol in a drink than the mixers.

Great places to eat:
Johnnie Gabriel’s
Hibiscus Café and Bar
Eat at Cane Bay
Jen’s Deli
Green House
Dog House Pub
The Bombay Club
There were many others, but I cannot remember the names.

Water Island is wonderful. Spend time there. You take a small boat over and stay as long as you want. ($10.00 round trip)

I am not a big fan of the small airplanes that hop from one island to another and land on the water, but sometimes, you must just suck it up and go!vi-plane

My one regret is that  I did not make it to St. John’s Island. I am sure Kenny Chesney was waiting on me, but I ran out of time.

Purchase jewelry, perfume, and alcohol and tobacco products if you need them. No tax!

Texas- May
The best road trip I have ever taken!
On your way stop at the Boudin Shop. The food was really good.

They really do pull over and let you go past them if they are driving too slowly. It is so chivalrous!

Shade Tree Saloon and Grill- Spring Branch, Texas
Quaint place that you will love!

San Antonio Riverwalk- A very neat place with many restaurants and things to do.

Alamo- I did part of it. If I can see it online, it is hard for me to stand in line to see it.

Mitierra- Great food and pastries! There is always a line for the bakery.

Austin- Always a wonderful place to visit. Food trucks are so good (Taco Flats). Cupcakes not as good as I remembered them to be. You must go two step at the Broken Spoke and look at pictures of George Strait in the ladies restroom.

Deep Eddy’s Vodka and Tito’s Vodka are products of the Austin region.

Fredericksburg – Great downtown area with many shops to browse.

Gruene, Texas – We drove by and viewed the oldest dance hall (1878).

The Grapevine in Giddings, Texas – Our favorite shopping experience.

Luckenbach- I had to visit because of the song.
Waylon Jennings- Luckenbach, Texas

It is a very small town with interesting people and concerts on certain nights.

New Orleans- April
I have written about this city before. It is a favorite.
Mardi Gras tour was fun. The other tour was also fun:
The Tasting Room
McClure’s Barbecue
NOLA Brewing Tap Roomnola-4-03-16-025nola-4-03-16-021

Mexico- January
I did write about this wonderful trip.

I want to go to Cuba and walk the streets as Hemingway did. Any suggestions on where to stay or what to do, let me know.

Safe travels!vi-ending-of-blog

Mexico: Living Life Full Time

Mexico 011 I know how to describe my life. Thanks- Brian and Jessica- I am living life full time. The departure date arrived for Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and at 4:30 a.m. on Thursday morning, I was ready to go! Adelia arrived, and we headed to the airport for a 7:00 a.m. flight. We know how to do breakfast: Rosie’s cinnamon rolls and my hot sausage balls.Fast pass in Memphis is awesome!
Checking luggage and going through security was easy. When we arrived at the terminal, I met Brian and Jessica at the airport.  We had great flights, and they were all on schedule. When we arrived, a big bus provided by World Ventures took us to the Marival Resort and Suites in Nuevo Vallarta.

Mexico 003

When we pulled in to the area, you could not really tell how beautiful it was going to be. This was the view from our room. Our rooms were very nice, and we had everything we needed. A welcome tequila with salt and lime was waiting on us.Mexico 007Mexico 001


There were several free excursions offered by World Ventures, and many other excursions that you could book yourself if you wanted to pay the hotel:


We chose the city tour and the first stop was a small zoo at an intersection in town then to the tequila distillery.

Mexico 036

The guide did an amazing job explaining the process, showing us the process, and pouring shots.

Mexico 045



He gave each of us the opportunity to say “mucho” or “pequeno”- I think that is what the words were. These people are marketing geniuses. You get shots and then you must make a decision if you want to purchase any tequilas to bring home. You are allowed to bring home three bottles of liquor.   Mexico 053

After this stop, we then visited a home where wood carving was the occupation of the family. In Mexico if you cut a tree then you must replace with several trees in its place. This is where we had lunch. After tequila the thing to eat is a spicy burrito- not really!  Mexico 062

The tour guide Santa was very knowledgeable, and she shared with us the history of her people (This is how she referred to her ancestors). The tour took us by a school and then we visited a church.

Mexico 069

Air conditioning is still a luxury in Mexico. Most schools have fans now, but some schools do not. The last stop was the beautiful small town of Bucerias.

Mexico 075

Mexico 073Mexico 078

I immediately loved the restaurants on the harbor and the small flea market.

At the all-inclusive resort, you were allowed to make reservations in two of the specialty restaurants on the ground. We chose the Italian and the Mexican restaurant. The breakfast was also really good.

Mexico 084Mexico 086

There was a chart with the name of drinks and what ingredient was included in each behind the outside bartenders that would show what was in each drink. This helped to conquer any language barrier.

Mexico 115

Each night we would gather in the open area and have a drink and visit. I met so many nice people.

Jodie and Aaron My first Australian friends.

Jodie and Aaron
My first Australian friends.

One night we went to see the resorts’ version of a tribute to Michael Jackson.  We enjoyed Karaoke another night, and it was interesting to hear one song in Spanish and then the next song in English.  Mexico 113

There were peddlers that visited you on the beach. They were not pushy or rude, but they would ask you if you wanted to look at anything or needed anything. Some were very talented salespeople. Before I left, I had silver earrings, silver ring, a dress, two sarongs, tequila from the tour and pure vanilla extract. I also made purchases at the airport from the Pharmacia.  While on your way to the plane, you can do some shopping!

Mexico 011

The college championship game was being played the night we were flying home. We watched some of the game at Buffalo Wild Wings in Houston airport with Brian and Jessica, but then it was time to board the plane. The airline attendant would share the score when she could find it. Adelia and I are both SEC football girls.

It was a body shock to walk outside when we arrived in Memphis. The weather in Mexico was perfect. Daily average of 75-80 and 60 daily average low. Some of the hotel staff had on coats! This is winter to them. I will return to Puerto Vallarta!Mexico 021

We were late arriving home, but it was a wonderful Dream trip!



When you ask someone what they are thankful for, you normally get the response of family, friends, and God in different orders. If he/she has been through a serious illness then the person will add ….and my health.

I am very thankful for all of those things, but there are three things that make me smile every day!Coffee

  1. Coffee

I love coffee. I look forward to my coffee every morning. I am not a nice person until I have at least one cup. Yes, there are different levels of coffee. The smallest finest ground fresh coffee is the best to me.


  1. Technology

I am able to be an integral part of my daughter’s lives because of the amazing generation changing cell phone. They are my lighthouse in the sea of life.

We have a text group recently named by Kelley- *My People*, and we talk about whatever good or bad is happening to us.  With Kelley in Jackson and working horrendous hours in residency and Jade being a full time working mom with a part-time job and talking college courses, the hours in the day are stretched really thin for them, but this allows us all to stay connected.


  1. Positive People

I love talking to positive upbeat people who have been through unbelievable hurtful bad things in their lives, but they dig deep within their soul, and they find a reason to smile every day. They do not belittle other people to avoid dealing with their own pain.   We are all in this together and not a one of us will escape alive, and karma is always a bitch, so find one thing every day to be grateful for having because in the blink of an eye, it may be gone.




Elizabeth Gilbert said it best today(11-26-15) in her blog post:

“I learned my gratitude by having practiced its opposite (ingratitude) for so many sad years. And after years of nothing ever being quite good enough, life finally taught me this — that without gratitude, nothing is EVER gonna be quite good enough. No place will ever be the right place, nothing will ever happen the right time, no reward is ever enough, all the people around you are always the wrong people, the room is always too hot or too cold, somebody else is always having a better time than you, somebody else always has a better car than you, or a better job, or a better marriage, or better hair, or a better destiny in general…and life is basically THE SUCK. I know this from painful experience, and it’s terrible.”

I am going to strive to practice gratitude and be thankful every day! If you make only one New Year’s resolution, choose this one.a280493fd1ffbb281a30062c9f8d6bb9

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Aruba: Destinations

images (7) Aruba is one happy little island, and one of the many destinations that I want to see again!
I want to eat dinner with my feet in the ocean. I want to swim at Eagle Beach and Palm Beach.  There are many things to do that I did not do on the last visit. I want to visit Renaissance Island. One thing I do not want to do is a submarine tour. NO, NO!images (5)

Flying in to Aruba is very simple and for most it involves only one connecting flight in Atlanta. If you departed on Dec. 10 and returned home on Dec. 14, the flight would cost $677.00. I chose the best times with the least amount of wasted time.  This departure is from Memphis which is the closest major airport to me. auaar_localarea


7:15 am – 9:39 am

Memphis (MEM) – Atlanta (ATL)
Delta 2570 · Economy Class · MD-80
1h 24m
Layover in Atlanta ATL

10:30 am – 3:25 pm
Atlanta (ATL) – Aruba (AUA)
Delta 655 · Economy Class · Boeing 737

4:25 pm – 7:49 pm
Aruba (AUA) – Atlanta (ATL)
Delta 654 · Economy Class · Boeing 737
4h 24m
Layover in Atlanta ATL

8:40 pm – 9:05 pm
Atlanta (ATL) – Memphis (MEM)
Delta 1422 · Economy Class · MD-80

When you arrive in Aruba, you will notice the small airport and if more than one plane arrives, customs gets a little crowded, but they do a good job of getting you thru the lines.

Will you need a car? I would say yes, so that you can tour every inch of the island.

This is with I am not sure if this is the most economical, but this is the price we have.


Description Rate Total
Dec 10-Dec 14
4 day(s) @ $40.00 p/d. $160.00
Rental Fee: $160.00
Vehicle License Fee 4 day(s) @ $0.75 p/d. $3.00
Surcharge 4 day(s) @ $3.50 p/d. $14.00
Parking Charge $2.00 $2.00
Liability Insurance 4 day(s) @ $3.00 p/d. $12.00
Green Tax 4 day(s) @ $1.00 p/d. $4.00
Charges & Options: $35.00
Taxes & Fees: $23.40
Grand Total: $218.40

If I were going, this is where I would stay. Click on the link to see pictures.

It is a cute studio. Read description below.

The Space

“Just 50 yards from the Caribbean Sea, with world-famous restaurants literally at walking distance on the same road (Flying Fishbone, Zeerover), this cottage offers stunning sea views from your front porch.

The cottage features a king-size bed, air conditioning, bathroom with toilet, sink and shower, gas oven, microwave, toaster, kitchen block, kitchen utensils, fridge and a roofed front porch.

A great place to stay for two adults! With a public pier just on the other side of the road where you can sit at the Caribbean Sea and watch the sun set, or take a swim, or a sun bath. Nearby, on walking distance, is Santo Largo, a sandy public beach.

The cottage offers everything you need to cook your own food, and nearby supermarkets have everything in stock that you might need.

The cottage is situated in Savaneta, a quiet village on the south coast of Aruba, away from the busy hotel area. Free wireless internet is available at the premises. The cottage is on walking distance from the bus stop on the main road from Oranjestad to San Nicolas. But carrental and taxi’s are also readily available.

The studio is a charming little house, providing everything you need, for a fraction of the lodging prices on this happy Caribbean island!

P.S. for safe acces to the water at various places please bring along water shoes.

P.P.S. the fixed price throughout the year of 60 dollars per night includes all government taxes.” (copied from description)

What more could you want?? The cost would be $280.00 for a week. I would stay longer but for our “pretend” trip, we will only stay four nights. images (6)

There is a grocery store close  and great restaurants, so I think a budget of  $100.00 a day for food and drinks will suffice.

Airfare: $677.00
Airport Parking: $45.00
Accommodations: $280.00
Rental Car: $218.40
Food and Entertainment:  $500.00

Total: $1, 720.04

Before I booked, I would start looking at cheaper days to fly. If you could cut this expense then the trip could be affordable.

One option for a great vacation is definitely Aruba.aruba -1

Travel UnorganiZation

images (1)Travel unorganization makes me crazy in all aspects of my life, but it really stresses me out when it involves travel. It is a part of my control problem- I know that but I want to control the time and make it flow as smooth as possible. Does this suck some of the fun away? Well maybe… and one day I am going to get in the car and just drive with no itinerary, no printed directions, no reservations and no list of coffee shops along the way… one day, but until then this is a list that will help you plan your next trip.

  1. Destination: To make this decision you need to know yourself. Think back to the best vacation that you have ever had. Where did you go? What did you do?

You cannot duplicate an experience which is why I strive to live in the moment, but a destination that you know you will love is not a bad choice. I try to go some places I have been before, but then I try to visit at least one place a year that I have never been before.What is the length of time you can spend on this holiday? This is an important question.

  1. Money: How much money can I spend on this trip? Set an amount and figure out if it is feasible. Miscellaneous costs such as will always be added. Tips, etc.
  1. Transportation- Will I fly? What is the price of the ticket? Will I drive? How many tanks of gas will the trip require?

If I fly, will I need to rent a car? Will a taxi be needed from the airport to hotel and back to airport? Always consider how much driving you will do when you get there. Will I cruise? If so, you can eliminate some cost such as renting a car.images (2)

  1. Accommodations: This requires some major research. Check the prices of all hotels, bed and breakfasts, and look at my favorite place: Some have had success at VRBO.

If you book a hotel, the hotel will hold your debit card and it may take a few days for the charges to be correct. I recommend using a credit card for travel. The credit card companies are easier to deal with when you have lost a card and charges are made to your card by the stolen party.

  1. Food: Budget for three meals a day and how much money you plan to spend on each. Alcohol should also be figured in if you drink and also late night snacks. If it is an all-inclusive hotel or a cruise, then figure in the tip for all service providers.
  1. Entertainment: How will you entertain yourself while you are away? One of the reasons the beach is a cheaper favorite destination for me is that I can go to the beach for most of the day and be entertained. It was a life saver when my girls were small, and the budget was very tight. (My sweet girls thought the beach was the only option for vacation for several years.)images (3)

If you book a hotel, the hotel will hold your debit card and it may take a few days for the charges to be correct. I recommend using a credit card for travel. The credit card companies are easier to deal with when you lose a card and charges are made to your card by the stolen party.

This will help you get started with successful planning an organized trip.

What should I pack? What else do I need to know before my departure? Tune in tomorrow…72a26e11ffae2f4732e28d16c484124f

Fit Camp

Be the best version of you Lori and I were walking one day in the park, and we saw a group of ladies working out. Lori walked over and talked to Casey Sanders for a few minutes, and we decided to try Fit Camp.

It has been a life changer for me. I need a coach and support to be able to stick with a physical workout. This may go back to my track and basketball days of long ago, but I need a schedule.

The things I love about Fitcamp:

  • Motivates and inspires you to be the best that you can be, and everyone’s “best” is different. You are never judged in any way. I may do five burpees, and my neighbor beside may do twenty, but that is ok if it is the best that you can do. We are there to improve ourselves not to compare our progress by looking at someone else.
  • Always a different routine- there is no time for boredom! Casey is a professional who knows how to plan the workout that we need on that given day.
  • It is always challenging because you are competing against time and yourself.
  • Friendships and support: I miss boot camp when I am out of town because I miss that wonderful post workout happy, and I miss my friends.Fitcamp -1
  • Set schedule: I work out at the same time every day Monday through Thursday, but there are several great times to choose from if your schedule needs more flexibility.
  • You feel stronger mentally and physically. This camp has allowed me to love and accept my body. When you have been physically active most of your life and you get older, you will notice things are not quite where they are supposed to be and that is ok with me if I am making an effort to be the best that I can be.
  • My diet has changed. I try to eat healthier. The meal suggestions that are e-mailed to us help. Also hearing other people talk about what they are doing to be healthier or to lose weight. Read the ingredients on the back of what you buy. It will scare you a little.
  • At home work outs are also sent to your e-mail (I have not been successful at that… I need Casey and the girls.)

I am in the best shape of my life since high school- 32 years ago. I feel that I am doing something instead of whining about how I feel or how I look.  I have lost four inches which results in no back fat over the top of my jeans. Some of my jeans and panties get a little baggy after a few hours of wear now, but that is ok with me!

I hope to improve, but that will take dedication from me to do workouts on the weekends and work on my diet more!  eat good and feel good

Join us or join something if you cannot make a commitment to exercise or if you are unable to motivate and push yourself. What we do in warm up would have been my entire exercise routine, and I would have stopped not realizing that I could do so much more!

Be kind to yourself and give yourself one hour a day! I wish

Mama Gat

Mama Gat 019

Mama Gat was born in 1924 and given the name of Maxie Mavaline George. She was known by some as just Susie.  She was one of eleven children born in the harsh year of 1924. She married at the age of fourteen to Milford Gatlin, and she had three children: my dad-James (Jim), Robert, and Sue. Papa was a veteran of World War II, and she learned at a young age to be a strong independent woman.

She was such an amazing hard working woman that I do not know where to start.  She would work at the factory all day then come home and pick vegetables from her garden and prepare them to be canned or put in the freezer. The vegetable soup and the green beans were my favorites.  For many years we went to her house for Sunday dinner. I appreciate that so much more now than I did then. She would work all week and then all day Saturday doing something like going to the sales or Ripley or Wren or making flowers to have extra money, and I think she did enjoy her Saturday work because she was doing something she wanted to do, and then she would be in the kitchen from early Sunday morning until lunch. We would eat, help her clean the kitchen a little, and then visit for a short time and go home.  Never thinking that she really did not get to visit with us very much, but she did love to see the smile on our faces when we took that first bite of those fried apple pies, chocolate pie, or that homemade chocolate pudding.

Mama Gat 007    She would come to Daddy’s to spend the weekend or go to my sister’s house for a visit, and she would bring her own pots and pans because they cooked exactly like she wanted them to cook the food. It would take a little while to unload the van.Mama Gat 002

I see her in every part of my house from the beautiful quilts she made each of the Gatlin clan to the beautiful round end table she gave me.  Mama Gat 009 I also now have some of her other furniture. When she came to my house and I did not have the right sweet tea glasses then that is what I got for Christmas that year. Mama paid attention when she visited, and she knew exactly what I needed. She always wrapped our presents, and I think that is where Sue gets her love of beautifully wrapping each present.Mama Gat 010Mama Gat 012

She would babysit for me when the girls were small, and I needed to go somewhere through the week. She would let them “fix” her hair even if she had just left the beauty shop. She loved to travel and go, and we enjoyed seeing her able to relax and enjoy herself.  Mama was very independent, and sometimes we would lose her. Sue would start calling the family and her friends and eventually Sue would track her down. She was always there to listen when I needed to talk. She did not say much but when she did, you needed to listen. She called me Liz in honor of Elizabeth Taylor after my second divorce.  I tried to reassure that I would never catch up with Elizabeth Taylor.

I see some part of her in many of the family members: her nose, eyes, her work ethic which she instilled in each of her children and they passed it on to their children and then we passed it on to ours, her crafty side, her my way is best- so there is no point in arguing, and her love of family and friends.

She loved the Rebels, and she loved watching them play whether in person or on TV. She attended games until she was not longer able to navigate the stairs.  Mama watched football and basketball and any sport she could find to watch.

We all miss her, but she is with us in our hearts and our memories.


Mama Gat 021

“When someone is in your heart, they’re never truly gone. They can come back to you, even at unlikely times.”  Mitch AlbomFor One More Day


“Love is how you stay alive, even after you are gone.”  Mitch Albom


“What you have done to this point cannot be undone. What you do next… It is still unwritten.”  Mitch Albom, The Time Keeper


Online Dating

online-dating_broken-heart_58729801Online Dating seems to be the most prevalent way to meet someone in 2015. I still think knowing someone that knows them makes it easier, but if your friends do not know anyone, then online dating would be the next pathway. It does not matter the age, gender, sexual preference, or preferred activities of an individual. There is an online dating site for everyone.

Five Best Online Dating Sites

This site was recommended by a friend. I actually paid money around $27.00. The questions were a little redundant, and the whole process of when you find a picture that you actually liked was to me unnecessary. You send questions, they send questions, you send break or makers, they send break or makers then just maybe you can message the individual.
This would eliminate anyone that is not serious about seeking a relationship and someone who thinks this should not be this much work (ME).
All of the “matches” presented to me were not matches for me. I had heard that eHarmony did a better job with matches because of the lengthy questions you complete before it begins. It could be me; Maybe, I did not do a good job of answering the questions. The matches were also very far away. I do like to travel, but four states over for a first date that you may or may not like did not sound like a smart financial decision.

This is a site I stumbled upon while reading an article written by Elephant.  This site is for very spiritual people who are interested in a mindful existence.  Some interests on the profiles were meditation, self-development, and fitness as lifestyle, organic or natural foods and spirituality.  Most of the participants were very far away.

Plenty of Fish
This was a better option because it is free, and you can put a little bit of personal information in this option. You can view more locals which can be a good thing or a bad thing. Several people I know are dating someone they met on this site.  Last year, I met a guy on this site who wanted to talk about football. We never met or discussed meeting; I had someone to talk football with at least twice a week.

 The first time I tried this in Charleston, it was a fail! I swiped the wrong way, and I got some interesting messages.   This is when it was a swipe thing and only in a limited mile radius. Now it is much better with a little heart and an X. You can insert some personal information and your educational institution. Your mile radius is much bigger now, and I do not think it is viewed as the hook up site now. It is more like a dating site.

Online-Dating-to-Offline-DatingProfile Pictures
The pictures that guys will use for their profile are unbelievable! If you are a guy read this carefully. If you are a female, ask your male friends to see their profile pictures and help them if help is needed.

If your profile picture is any of the following, change it!
This is my opinion.  Some experts do not agree.

  • A dog is licking your ear
  • Your children are in the photo
  • You are looking at a mirror and your phone is in your hand.
  • Showing your chest- really…
  • Flipping a bird to the camera – yeah, that is the man a woman would want to take home for Thanksgiving.
  • Your grandchildren are in the photo
  • A cat is in front of your face
  • No picture—a picture is worth a thousand words– remember that phrase!
  • Half a face in your picture
  • A picture where your past girlfriend or boyfriend  has been cropped out… her hair is still in the picture or his hand is still in the picture
  • Animals in the picture
  • Dead animals in the picture
  • Your truck or your boat

online-dating-red-flagsBe aware of scam artist on dating sites.

  • They will tell you a long sob story. How many people are going to write you a three paragraph message or an e-mail the first time they contact you?
  • You can tell sometimes that English is not their first language.
  • They are looking for a soul mate nothing temporary.
  • The picture is too perfect. You can sometimes google the picture, and it is something chosen from a website.
  • Sometimes they use the military as a front. They are soldiers stationed in a foreign country. They would eventually ask for money to come see you.

Ask for their LinkedIn profile and their Facebook name. This usually scares them away. Be direct.
As always, research anything you consider doing and remember anyone can create a profile. I think most people are legit, but there are always a few creepy scam artists lurking.

imagesFirst meetings should be always in public places with people around and preferably at a place where people know you.

Consumer Affairs
“With an estimated 1,000 online dating sites in existence, it can be hard to sift through all the options and decide which the best site is. Being able to know how to evaluate a dating site is essential in the decision process, and it will bring you that much closer to finding a good match.”

Breast Cancer Awareness, football, beach

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, football, beach,and a month of reflection for me.
As a breast cancer warrior and the reason I use warrior instead of survivor is because the game is never over and if you are not a survivor, what did you do wrong not to survive? You did nothing wrong.   Even after you deal with the chemo, the radiation and hear a few good reports from the doctor, you are still fighting for normalcy. It may be the mental fight or it may be a physical fight.
You are reminded each day when you bathe that your body has fought a battle and so far your armor was enough, but you know there are no guarantees in this life. We cannot predict tomorrow, but I think most people can block that out.
I say all of that to say… Enjoy every day and get your mammogram if you are female. Do a self-exam. Do not take no for an answer! Be that woman who demands a biopsy if you have the slightest premonition that something is not right in your body.  If you are a male, do not dismiss any type of unusual lump or difference in your skin, go to the doctor immediately.  Breast cancer is not gender specific and neither is the love of football.cupcakes for breast cancer awareness month

Kaden's first Ole Miss game.

Kaden’s first Ole Miss game.

Pops makes the tailgate!

Pops makes the tailgate!

I love football! Football home games are fun! Great food, fellowship, laughter, my famous punch, and games to watch on tv as we enjoy the fellowship.  This is a time when the family comes together, and we are not rushed. We have time to eat, laugh, and discuss what is going on in our lives.
My calendar works around the Ole Miss home games, and the away game weekends means an opportunity to get out of town which leads me to the fall Florida getaway.

Perdido Key 004Perdido Key/Pensacola Florida

Perdido Key is a great close vacation get away place. In six hours with bathroom stops, you can be looking at the beach. It is not as commercialized as some of the other areas.  The weather was perfect, and the laid back atmosphere was really nice. September and October are my favorite months to go to Florida. The weather is just right, and there are no crowded beaches or restaurants.
If you decide to visit, check out these places:
Fisherman’s Corner
Big Fish
Perdido Sports Bar
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The internet will suck time up like a vacuum!
I spend entirely too much time researching random topics and also topics that interests me. It usually starts with one website then it links to another and here I go. I look up and three hours have passed and then I get the question of what did you do today?  When I cannot spout off the mark off on my too do list, I start to hyperventilate a little bit because we type A’s are always supposed to be accomplishing something or at least that is how our brain is wired!
Sometimes you find a jewel, and I think I found one this morning. I googled “affordable two week vacations” because I have a slight break in action in December.

This led me to Nomadic Matt.

Then I clicked on Grassroots.
Grassroots Volunteering

I like the history of this organization, and I think it is legit. It is a way to volunteer within your country if that is what you long to do.
Check it out when you have time. I do not give back enough, and I know that as I sit here in my comfortable chair drinking my absolutely amazing CUPS coffee from the Jackson store called Costa Rica Tarrazu’ with fast wifi, power, all the food I want in my warm house with a closet (ok… it is a room made into a closet full of clothes and shoes and purses). I have been blessed beyond measure, but I hoard my gifts of communication and organization that someone could use. I am writing this because when you see the written word on paper, it seems to be more credible. These are words for me to read to remember what an absolutely wonderful life I have had and hope to continue having and that I need to give back more!struggle

This weekend the sights, taste, sounds, cheers of football fans and the smell of pralines are calling my name. I will share with you later.

Happy last days of October!IMG_3420

Boulder, Colorado: Day 4,5,6 and 7

June and July 2015 008This is Boulder, Colorado: Day 4,5,6, and 7.
Day 4- This was the day that the bicycle rental was happening. I found a shop and then I rode down the street to see if this was going to be a good idea. I looked like a drunken sailor, and my booty hurt! I jumped off and said, “No, I will walk.” The words you have heard your entire life:   it is like riding a bike, you never forget….; well, that is not necessarily true.

I walked all the way to the end of Pearl. I loved the name and decor of this chocolate shop.June and July 2015 005June and July 2015 004

I had a great lunch and then I walked back to the loft.June and July 2015 006

A couple told me on Saturday that before I left that I had to eat at Flagstaff House for the food and the view. I started researching this place, and it looked amazing. I called Lyft to take me and then Uber came and picked me up. It was an expensive meal, but it was worth  it.June and July 2015 012 June and July 2015 013

This is what the two appetizers wee served on at Flagstaff. One was on the bottom and one was on the top.

This is what the two appetizers wee served on at Flagstaff. One was on the bottom and one was on the top.

June and July 2015 009June and July 2015 011

Day 5- Movie day! I thought I needed to rest a little today, and when I arose from a wonderful sleep, it was raining. After working on my classes for a little while, I decided to see Magic Mike and Train Wreck.

The theater on the corner of 29th and Canyon have movies all day, and Tuesdays are $5.50.  I saw Magic Mike first. I would give it a 3 of 5. I had a great lunch at Modmarket between movies. Check out the nutrition breakdown of my order. It is really easy to eat well in this town.June and July 2015 015
The next movie was Train Wreck, and it deserves a 5. I love comedy!  It was funny and a little too realistic.
After the movie, I shopped a little and found a great red skirt and a navy dress at H and M. Of course, they were on the clearance rack…  Football season is approaching, and I can wear both of these outside of work with a little modification.

Day 6

This should have said "whine" instead of "wine" because I have been sending pictures of my foot and whining a lot!

This should have said “whine” instead of “wine” because I have been sending pictures of my foot and whining a lot!

The blister on the bottom of my foot on the heel decided today to be a real pain, so today was another rest day, and I do not do well with two rest days in a row!

I walked to the pharmacy for bandages and to the gro. store (which sales Kroger products and takes a Kroger card, but it does not have the name Kroger). Quest bars were cheaper here than at home. I graded after that and watched Little House on the Prairie: Laura had a physical altercation with one of Alfonso’s ex- girlfriends then I watched The Walton’s- Elisabeth broke her legs.
The Basto  and the Naked Lunch /   are on the same grounds as the loft apartment, so dinner was at the Naked Lunch, and it was so good.

Day 7
I wore two pair of socks and a double bandage and I went for the trail. Uber delivered me to the Chautauqua Park. My plan was to hike to the Chautauqua Royal Arch. I made 1.9 miles up, and I was done! The elevation and going uphill and the pretty blister stopped me short of my goal, but at least I showed up.  I may not be able to walk tomorrow, but I will hobble through the airports.

June and July 2015 001





June and July 2015 016June and July 2015 007June and July 2015 019

June and July 2015 004June and July 2015 015Someone asked me why I  do this. Well, I thought about it, and this is the best explanation I have. My memory is not the best. My brain jumps from one thing to another like a jumping bean on caffeine, so it helps me to remember if I return to this city, and it also, I hope, helps other people that loves to travel.

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