Mexico 011 I know how to describe my life. Thanks- Brian and Jessica- I am living life full time. The departure date arrived for Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and at 4:30 a.m. on Thursday morning, I was ready to go! Adelia arrived, and we headed to the airport for a 7:00 a.m. flight. We know how to do breakfast: Rosie’s cinnamon rolls and my hot sausage balls.Fast pass in Memphis is awesome!
Checking luggage and going through security was easy. When we arrived at the terminal, I met Brian and Jessica at the airport.  We had great flights, and they were all on schedule. When we arrived, a big bus provided by World Ventures took us to the Marival Resort and Suites in Nuevo Vallarta.

Mexico 003

When we pulled in to the area, you could not really tell how beautiful it was going to be. This was the view from our room. Our rooms were very nice, and we had everything we needed. A welcome tequila with salt and lime was waiting on us.Mexico 007Mexico 001


There were several free excursions offered by World Ventures, and many other excursions that you could book yourself if you wanted to pay the hotel:


We chose the city tour and the first stop was a small zoo at an intersection in town then to the tequila distillery.

Mexico 036

The guide did an amazing job explaining the process, showing us the process, and pouring shots.

Mexico 045


He gave each of us the opportunity to say “mucho” or “pequeno”- I think that is what the words were. These people are marketing geniuses. You get shots and then you must make a decision if you want to purchase any tequilas to bring home. You are allowed to bring home three bottles of liquor.   Mexico 053

After this stop, we then visited a home where wood carving was the occupation of the family. In Mexico if you cut a tree then you must replace with several trees in its place. This is where we had lunch. After tequila the thing to eat is a spicy burrito- not really!  Mexico 062

The tour guide Santa was very knowledgeable, and she shared with us the history of her people (This is how she referred to her ancestors). The tour took us by a school and then we visited a church.

Mexico 069

Air conditioning is still a luxury in Mexico. Most schools have fans now, but some schools do not. The last stop was the beautiful small town of Bucerias.

Mexico 075

Mexico 073Mexico 078

I immediately loved the restaurants on the harbor and the small flea market.

At the all-inclusive resort, you were allowed to make reservations in two of the specialty restaurants on the ground. We chose the Italian and the Mexican restaurant. The breakfast was also really good.

Mexico 084Mexico 086

There was a chart with the name of drinks and what ingredient was included in each behind the outside bartenders that would show what was in each drink. This helped to conquer any language barrier.

Mexico 115

Each night we would gather in the open area and have a drink and visit. I met so many nice people.

Jodie and Aaron My first Australian friends.
Jodie and Aaron
My first Australian friends.

One night we went to see the resorts’ version of a tribute to Michael Jackson.  We enjoyed Karaoke another night, and it was interesting to hear one song in Spanish and then the next song in English.  Mexico 113

There were peddlers that visited you on the beach. They were not pushy or rude, but they would ask you if you wanted to look at anything or needed anything. Some were very talented salespeople. Before I left, I had silver earrings, silver ring, a dress, two sarongs, tequila from the tour and pure vanilla extract. I also made purchases at the airport from the Pharmacia.  While on your way to the plane, you can do some shopping!

Mexico 011

The college championship game was being played the night we were flying home. We watched some of the game at Buffalo Wild Wings in Houston airport with Brian and Jessica, but then it was time to board the plane. The airline attendant would share the score when she could find it. Adelia and I are both SEC football girls.

It was a body shock to walk outside when we arrived in Memphis. The weather in Mexico was perfect. Daily average of 75-80 and 60 daily average low. Some of the hotel staff had on coats! This is winter to them. I will return to Puerto Vallarta!Mexico 021

We were late arriving home, but it was a wonderful Dream trip!