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images (7) Aruba is one happy little island, and one of the many destinations that I want to see again!
I want to eat dinner with my feet in the ocean. I want to swim at Eagle Beach and Palm Beach.  There are many things to do that I did not do on the last visit. I want to visit Renaissance Island. One thing I do not want to do is a submarine tour. NO, NO!images (5)

Flying in to Aruba is very simple and for most it involves only one connecting flight in Atlanta. If you departed on Dec. 10 and returned home on Dec. 14, the flight would cost $677.00. I chose the best times with the least amount of wasted time.  This departure is from Memphis which is the closest major airport to me. auaar_localarea


7:15 am – 9:39 am

Memphis (MEM) – Atlanta (ATL)
Delta 2570 · Economy Class · MD-80
1h 24m
Layover in Atlanta ATL

10:30 am – 3:25 pm
Atlanta (ATL) – Aruba (AUA)
Delta 655 · Economy Class · Boeing 737

4:25 pm – 7:49 pm
Aruba (AUA) – Atlanta (ATL)
Delta 654 · Economy Class · Boeing 737
4h 24m
Layover in Atlanta ATL

8:40 pm – 9:05 pm
Atlanta (ATL) – Memphis (MEM)
Delta 1422 · Economy Class · MD-80

When you arrive in Aruba, you will notice the small airport and if more than one plane arrives, customs gets a little crowded, but they do a good job of getting you thru the lines.

Will you need a car? I would say yes, so that you can tour every inch of the island.

This is with http://www.aruba-car-rental.com/. I am not sure if this is the most economical, but this is the price we have.


Description Rate Total
Dec 10-Dec 14
4 day(s) @ $40.00 p/d. $160.00
Rental Fee: $160.00
Vehicle License Fee 4 day(s) @ $0.75 p/d. $3.00
Surcharge 4 day(s) @ $3.50 p/d. $14.00
Parking Charge $2.00 $2.00
Liability Insurance 4 day(s) @ $3.00 p/d. $12.00
Green Tax 4 day(s) @ $1.00 p/d. $4.00
Charges & Options: $35.00
Taxes & Fees: $23.40
Grand Total: $218.40

If I were going, this is where I would stay. Click on the link to see pictures.

It is a cute studio. Read description below.

The Space

“Just 50 yards from the Caribbean Sea, with world-famous restaurants literally at walking distance on the same road (Flying Fishbone, Zeerover), this cottage offers stunning sea views from your front porch.

The cottage features a king-size bed, air conditioning, bathroom with toilet, sink and shower, gas oven, microwave, toaster, kitchen block, kitchen utensils, fridge and a roofed front porch.

A great place to stay for two adults! With a public pier just on the other side of the road where you can sit at the Caribbean Sea and watch the sun set, or take a swim, or a sun bath. Nearby, on walking distance, is Santo Largo, a sandy public beach.

The cottage offers everything you need to cook your own food, and nearby supermarkets have everything in stock that you might need.

The cottage is situated in Savaneta, a quiet village on the south coast of Aruba, away from the busy hotel area. Free wireless internet is available at the premises. The cottage is on walking distance from the bus stop on the main road from Oranjestad to San Nicolas. But carrental and taxi’s are also readily available.

The studio is a charming little house, providing everything you need, for a fraction of the lodging prices on this happy Caribbean island!

P.S. for safe acces to the water at various places please bring along water shoes.

P.P.S. the fixed price throughout the year of 60 dollars per night includes all government taxes.” (copied from airbnb.com description)

What more could you want?? The cost would be $280.00 for a week. I would stay longer but for our “pretend” trip, we will only stay four nights. images (6)

There is a grocery store close  and great restaurants, so I think a budget of  $100.00 a day for food and drinks will suffice.

Airfare: $677.00
Airport Parking: $45.00
Accommodations: $280.00
Rental Car: $218.40
Food and Entertainment:  $500.00

Total: $1, 720.04

Before I booked, I would start looking at cheaper days to fly. If you could cut this expense then the trip could be affordable.

One option for a great vacation is definitely Aruba.aruba -1

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