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When In NOLA

NOLA 2-26-15 008When in NOLA, the Big Easy, the great city of New Orleans, there are so many things to do. I visit every time I can, and there are so many things I have not seen. It is a city that becomes a part of you one trip at a time.  It reminds me of Charleston and New York… I know that is a strange combination. This great city and time with your oldest daughter and friends- what could be better?

NOLA 2-26-15 006

The weather was a deciding factor in my departure time. Winter decided to laugh in the face of my cute little buttercups in the yard, and winter is still laughing.

We arrived in New Orleans after dark, and our hotel was off the main track, but we found it quickly. It was adorable. We stayed at the Chateau Hotel on Chartres Street. It is at the corner of Chartres and St. Phillip. It is in an amazing location two blocks from Jackson Square, Bourbon Street and the Old French Market.  You enter in the lobby and then you go outside to get to your room. The key is an old big key not a little swipe card. The rooms are small, but the rooms have so much character. A continental breakfast is delivered to your room. It is like being on a cruise. You choose what you want, and it is delivered. It is a part of your hotel room fee.   Everyone was friendly and very helpful. Check out is 1:00 which really helps when you have a late conference date. NOLA 2-26-15 010NOLA 2-26-15 005

NOLA 2-26-15 003                 

We ventured out and ate at one of my favorite brunch places- the Ruby Slipper on Magazine. It was wonderful as usual.

NOLA 2-26-15 015

NOLA 2-26-15 012

The wind tunnel on Canal Street is for real. When you walked down a side street, it was so much warmer.

I have been able to curb my clothes purchases that I do not need since retirement and honestly, my primary wardrobe is sweat pants and a sweat shirt, but I still battle my shoe obsessions. As we walked around, we found an unusual show store. I did not buy anything, but these shoes were the real deal!  SHOE.BE.DO! – An Addiction 

NOLA 2-26-15 019

Great boots on sale on the website. Click on SALE.


NOLA 2-26-15 016


NOLA 2-26-15 018


We finished the day with beignets and great coffee at Café Du Monde. It is still amazing to me that your coffee is served two ways: Coffee Black or Au Lait and that you can order beignets or beignets. They come in orders of three with an abundant amount of powdered sugar.

Dinner at Café Pontalba was very good. The hotel manager told us that this was where the locals ate. The gumbo and sea food platter were very good.

NOLA 2-26-15 033

Later we went to Bourbon to hear the great bands, to view the unique sites and visit with other people presenting at the many medical conferences this weekend.

We had a lazy day as Kelley prepared for the conference. We drove out to Audubon Park and looked at the park and the beautiful campus of Loyola.  The one ways streets tormented me, but we finally made it to the InterContinental hotel on St. Charles Avenue, and we found wonderful parking right beside the hotel with a very kind attendant.

NOLA 2-26-15 039

Kelley looked beautiful and confident as she prepared for the presentation.  NOLA 2-26-15 041

Mardi Gras King Cake flavored ice cream or vodka

NOLA 2-26-15 028


NOLA 2-26-15 025

Girls + travel = Lots of stuff

NOLA 2-26-15 029

Thank you, New Orleans Firefighters!

NOLA 2-26-15 034

A trip to New Orleans is always a good idea!

Next up: Florence, Jackson, and the Cereal Capital of the World

Fashion Gene

Bert Kaufmann via Compfight

Do you have the Fashion Gene?  Maybe there is not a fashion gene, but I think there is.

Have you noticed how some people always looks stylish and know what clothes to choose?  You look at these people and think did they come out of the womb with everything coordinated with the best colors for their skin tone, the most flattering lengths and the correct fit.   I have wondered about that more in the last ten years as I examined my wardrobe and appearance. How do they know this stuff? Did they take a class? Did a parent or a friend show them what to wear?

Fortunately, I have Lori to try to steer me in the right direction.  She introduced me to a blog called Tina Adams Wardrobe Consulting.

This blog is sent to my e-mail and I can read the “What to do and what not to do”. I read it faithfully!  I also purchased a discounted package offered by Style Blueprint from Tina Adams to get some help with my wardrobe.  This was done by phone and was helpful, but you need someone with you.  The biggest help I have had is my friend Lori sitting in my closet and supporting me as I threw away 90% of my capris and two garbage bags full of clothes.  Lori has the “gene”, and she understands my likes/dislikes and body type.

To understand how my closet got in this mess, you must know my fashion problems. The first problem being the word SALE!  I get excited when I see that word, and I can feel the adrenaline rush. 70% off – Really, does it get any better than that. I am trying to ask myself these questions now when I see the four letter word: Would you buy it if it was not on sale? Do you need it?

I also get fixated on needing one particular thing. I love cardigans, so I would keep buying them. My friend, Melissa, would shake her head every time I held one up at a store. I would also forget what I had at home and what I needed to wear with a certain pair of pants or top.

It is very frustrating to have a room full of clothes—not a closet—a room full of clothes and feel as if you have nothing to wear.

I have found these “fashion laws” from Tina and others to help me.

  • Sale does not translate to “you need to buy it” in any language.
  •  You can dress age appropriate and not look like your great- grandmother
  •  White pants can be worn year around—This Southern girl was so happy to read that.
  • Just because it looks good on the 5”11  – 120 pound model does not mean it is going to look good on you.
  • Trendy is trendy- It may not work next year, so save your money.

Are fashion rules the same throughout the country, or do they change as you venture to other parts of the world? I will come back to that question when I begin my summer journey.

Be kind to all of us who are missing the fashion gene and help us when you can! Do you have the fashion gene?

How a person dresses says so much about them, but as we all know, the heart and soul is the most important part of any person and the only parts that really matter.

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