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Plenty of Fish: South Carolina Fishing

Why do we feel the need to go fishing?  Well, since creation we have been wired or programmed to need or want the opposite sex.  Take in to consideration our work ethics and family responsibilities, and you can understand why an online dating site is necessary and could be very helpful in making friends or finding dates. Yes, I think I will do some South Carolina Fishing.

You may conquer with the sword, but you are conquered by a kiss .craig via Compfight

My friend’s daughter moved to a new town and used Plenty of Fish to meet people, and there is choice of “not seeking a relationship or any kind of commitment”; I was intrigued. I also have a friend who loves this site and has a lot of fun talking to different people.  I will say of other dating sites I have researched and the different people I have talked to about online dating, this is hands down the best. It is simple and like texting a friend. Did I mention that it is FREE?

Of course, caution is always needed. Meet in a public place with your own transportation.  To establish my validity or lack of validity, this advice is coming from someone who at this time has never been on a meeting or date from an online meeting/dating site.  I have heard several success stories, but I have also heard several awkward meeting stories. I wanted to contact the examples below and offer my help with their profiles.

Notes to the male participants:

  1. No pictures of fish or any other dead animal. We do not care how big your fish was on your last fishing trip. Blood of any kind is a no-no!  We may be concerned about the size of other things like your truck but not your latest catch or kill!
  2. Chip on the shoulder immediately seen when a rant occurs in the interests and hobbies. I really hate that women have blocked you, but do not take it personally. You are not their type. Be thankful that the women did not lead you on and waste your time.
  3. Honesty -for example, if you do not like children do not reply – I like that. Time is not something that should be wasted.
  4. This is important or you would not have signed up. Take the time to let someone make a good picture of you.
  5. Fudge on the interest a little: You are a very attractive man, but most women do not like cars or racing. Insert one item that most women like to do: going to the beach, going to the mountains, etc.
  6.   Do not put a picture up where you still have your wedding ring on your finger. Use the cropping tool, darling.
  7. Proofreading needed: When you do not capitalize “I” or use periods, it is a turn off for educated women. If you want an educated woman, write a post that shows you graduated from elementary school.
  8.  Do not write too little or too much. A couple of paragraphs should get your message across. Who wants to read an essay? Save something to talk about at your first meeting.
  9.  Try not to give your reader this message: “I am looking for sex or lots of one night stands”, but also do not sound like,” I want a house keeper and available sex without putting forth a great deal of effort, and by the way, I am looking for marriage”.
  10. If you must attract a women with your success story or your expensive sports car, do you really want her?  You can mention that you are a successful ambitious person, but who needs a gold digger?

Notes to the females: Read the list above. All except #1 also applies to us.

  1. A great picture is all you need for most guys. Seriously, this is all you need. Men are visual creatures.
  2. Do not scare him away with talks of meeting the love of your life and discussing the children you want to have. This would make many men run even if it is what they are also searching for at this time.
  3. Your dream man will probably not want to go shopping or get a manicure. Expand your interest to include something you can do together.
  4.  Many are already bogged down with responsibility. Do not make him feel like he will be responsible for you. One of our needs is security, but the last thing he wants to hear may be that you want to be taken care of financially.

Read this link:  13 Things Men Think About Women But Never Say

Be honest my friends, but choose your words carefully. This truthism could be applied to our lives in everything we do.  Stay tuned for updates on Fishing in South Carolina!

50 Shades

Shades of Grey

Why did we love the trilogy of 50 Shades of Grey?My baby girl praline3001 via Compfight

And why are these books still on my mind?

The focus for many of us was not the Dominant Submissive Lifestyle introduced to the reader. The fame and acclaim of the book could not have been achieved if that was the primary focus of the book. E L James carefully intertwined the basic fantasies/needs of most women:

  • Financial Security
  • Emotional Security
  • Wonderful sex

Financial security is one of the primary needs of a woman, and I do not mean that women want only rich men. We need to feel secure in as many aspects of our life as humanly possible. By accepting his love, most choices and decisions for Anna are his to make. Money is no longer a concern which is a major concern in most people’s lives. Do I drive to work or will someone drive me? What will I eat for breakfast? Well, whatever you tell Ms. Jones to cook is what you can have for breakfast. Security through money would allow someone to focus on sex. No grocery shopping, no car repair, no housework, no worries about paying the rent- Yes, we could focus on pleasurable activities if we were not worried about time restraints and how we were going to pay our bills this month.

Emotional security is another primary need, and the love in this book is over the top and almost suffocating, but it is constructed as to say to the reader that he means well and his controlling tendencies are frosted with good intentions. She knows that his love is deep, and that she is the only one and that he will do whatever he needs to do to keep her happy and in his arms. Who does not want that?

Sex in this book is taken to a level that many women never imagined existed.
 How many men have that sex drive? How many women can have an orgasm on command every time? (Of course, we do not have Christian Grey in the bedroom.) The reader is introduced to the BSM lifestyle, sex toys and other sexual aids that most did not know existed. I mean really, my friends, who shops at the hardware store for sexual props. While shopping at Lowe’s or Home Depot, I had never thought about what I could use in the bedroom.

I prefer this online store to the hardware store:

Adam and Eve Adult Store – Shop Erotic Adult Toys and Novelties

It will arrive in a non-marked bag so the mailman or your children do not hyperventilate, and it will not appear on your bank statement as the “sex store purchase”, so go shopping!!

When something stops working, let this company know. Excellent customer service.

While most of us are not powerful bizzillionaires, it is nice to think that one of these types would be interested in a “normal person” who only has her love to give. It deflates the theory of rich attracts rich and proves to the reader that love is more important which provides the middle class girl with hope for an Audi Submissive Special and a new wardrobe chosen by the Neiman Marcus personal shopper.

Does it provide us with a healthy dose of realism? Uh, no! Why would we read it if it did?
For mature women, it was a great read and an escape to a very sexual entertaining place. Many men hope and pray for E L James to continue her career as new things were introduced to the bedroom and the interest in sex at home spiked. How can that be a bad thing? Well, if you think every man you meet is going to be like Christian Grey, or if it makes you expect too much from your partner then it could cause a problem. One woman told me that her husband was very sad that there was not a fourth book.

For younger women, it might prove a little troubling because as we know, someone that is 50 shades must want to help themselves, and most do not have the funds for years of therapy; therefore, you might want to run home to Mother if you are introduced to the Red Room of Pain then again you might want to stay.

James carefully constructed the support system of the family and the staff, but the focus was on Christian and Anastasia. I will admit that I missed them after I finished reading the books for the fourth time.

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For my guy blog friends: Dave Barry Learns Everything You Need to Know About Being a Husband From Reading 50 Shades of Grey

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