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Packing List: Say “Yes” to all Trips

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Do not allow the stress of packing to put a damper on any trip. If you are invited on a last minute get away, do not hesitate before you say “Yes, I would love to accompany you on this trip”. I love to travel because it allows me to meet new people and see different things; therefore, packing is important to me. Being an obsessive list maker, before every trip I would make out a detailed list then I finally found the magic list that worked.  What works for one person will not work for everyone because of job requirements or different recreational activities that everyone chooses to participate in while on vacation, but maybe this will give you a start to your perfect packing list. I have come a long way as my friends would agree. This amazing transformation occurred because of my recent trips this past year to Denver. With the price of a plane ticket, I did not want to pay an extra $50.00 for “more stuff” to travel with me.   The amount of liquids that are allowed and the number of shoes I could bring with me was the hardest part for me to reconcile. This list worked for me after making a few hard decisions about products and what shoes to bring.   This is a four day trip suggestive list

(Thursday to Sunday).

Detailed Clothing:

Choose a color palette. This will help you decide on shoes and jackets, cardigans, etc. For example, if black shoes can be worn with every outfit you are taking then you can choose one/two pair of black shoes and this eliminate excess baggage and makes choosing outfits so much easier.

Are you driving or flying to your destination? What is the weather forecast for your area of travel? Is this a beach trip, a trip to the mountains?

Thursday- travel/ dinner outfit
This works for me:  Jeans- with spandex. This allows you to look good and not look wrinkled and sloppy when you arrive. Change shirts, add jewelry or scarf and you are ready for dinner. These jeans can also be worn again.

Friday  _______________________________

Friday night________________________________


Saturday night_________________________________

Sunday- travel____________________________

Underwear– Consider your color of clothing.
Bras- Consider your activities and what clothing you are choosing. Strapless dress- strapless bra if needed should be added. Do you plan to work out or are you participating in a 5K? Add sports bras to your list.

Socks – Do you need dress socks, no socks, or athletic socks?

Jewelry/ Scarves- Choose jewelry and scarves that will work with several outfits.

Pajamas – Is this a girl’s trip, business trip, fishing tournament or a romantic getaway?

Shoes – What shoes do you have that will work with all of your outfits? Do you need athletic shoes?

One quart bag – no more three ounces:

The hotel will supply lotion and shampoo and soap. I know this is a hard sacrifice, but it is a necessary sacrifice.

My list for the small quart bag:
Contact solution
Liquid make up
Face wash

**Remember anything liquid in your purse/pockets must be also stuffed in the quart size bag.

I have found that using contact cases for liquids helps me to stay in the limit. These work for makeup, liquid meds, and face wash, etc.

Other essentials:

Curling iron/straightener

Tech requirements for me:
Cell phone charger
Lap top/headphones

If you are traveling with a group, coordinate your packing list. If they are bringing toothpaste then you do not need to bring toothpaste. You can share and save packing space.

Share your travel destinations with us.  I am packing to visit my second home Destin, Florida, this weekend which will be a driving destination. I am excited about bringing my shampoo and hair spray – no quart bag limit!  I hope the city is qready for the new chapter celebration!
I will add to my packing list:
Beach chairs
Bathing suit
Beach towel
Small cooler

Everyone is different and requires different things for a successful trip, but I hope this helps.   What are your travel plans for the summer?  Share your travel destinations with us and your packing tips.

Suggestions for weekend road trip



Nash Vegas


Our first destination was Maggianino’s.   It was a very nice Italian restaurant, but honestly the hour and a half wait was not worth it, but they have an amazing deal where when you buy certain things, you are given a dish to take home with you from the same area on the menu. This would be a very lucrative incentive if you are living on a budget.    I could not have endured the wait without the comical entertaining company.  Thank you, my favorite lawyer, for our great meal and the entertainment!  Nashvegas 007

  After this fun time, we went downtown to the exhilarating flashing lights of Broadway. We had a great time, but the highlight was the band at The Stage and the guy on the street playing the drums and making up songs about the crowd.

drummer on street in NashvilleNashvegas 023When it was time to return to the apartment, I was introduced to a new wonderful way of travel. Lyft is a great organization in Nashville that is easy, cost effective and safe.  You sign up, give them your debit/credit card information. Call when you need a “Lyft” home and a driver with a big pink mustache on the front of the vehicle is sent to pick you up. A picture of the vehicle and the driver is sent to you by text and the estimated time of arrival. After the ride, you tip the driver and rate the ride home. The driver also rates the passenger. This way if the driver and the passenger was not a match, the next time a different driver will be sent to pick you up. It is a win-win situation.    This is available in other cities, and the driver told us that it will soon be available in Jackson, MS.    Nashville | Lyft on-demand ridesharing Nashvegas 024

The next morning consisted of brunch at Jackson’s Bar and Bistro. The Sunrise Sliders were cooked to perfection and then the stroll through the Hillsboro Village Neighborhood was relaxing. The next taste bud treat was an amazing hazelnut white mocha at The Frothy Monkey coffee shop downtown.  It revitalizes your sense of adventure to get away from your normal routine even if it is for the night.  Nashvegas is a great destination for a weekend away. Thank you, Lauren, for your hospitality and for the tour of your beloved city!

Nashvegas 040



Cecret Lake - Alta Utah Al_HikesAZ via CompfightDestination Unknown
Why is change so hard for human beings? This has been a very emotional two weeks filled with a few teary breakdowns and some unexpected emotions. Even knowing that I have a wonderful opportunity to explore different things and to expand my very small horizons does not keep these feelings at bay. I have ever reason to be over the top ecstatic, but my life will change, and that makes me uncomfortable.
This type “A” chick does not do well without concrete plans in front of her. I need a destination. You know I am the planner in my purse, planner on my desk at home, and planner on my desk at my office kind of girl. Yes, I still write everything down. I have not graduated to the planner on my iPhone, but I will get there. The qualities that make you a great employee sometimes make you struggle with the real world that begins when you leave your work place. Relaxing and rolling with the flow of life is not an easy task for me. I am more comfortable with myself when I am busy. I also use work to avoid dealing with “stuff”. If you are busy, you do not have time to think about or sort out your baggage, and we all have baggage. To find my balance which has been way off, I need to finalize a plan.
Where or where do I land for the summer? My night riding four wheeler friend gave me great advice. He said, “Sometimes the destination may not be what you want when you get there, but the journey itself will restore you.” But where, oh where, do I go?
Finding a place to sublet was harder than I thought it would be. Craigslist automatically comes up on my computer as soon as I put in a “C”. I think they should be paying me for the time spent on each site.
Destinations considered for my summer excursion:
• Cheyenne, WY
The Outlaw Saloon does call my name frequently, and it did seem like a good idea for a long time.
• Salt Lake City, UT
Everything closes at midnight which is the same as it is here in Mississippi. I do have a friend there to be my sightseeing partner, but my favorite sublet was not available.
• Portland, Oregon
According to my friend Colleen (my wonderful blog developer), Portland is blog haven and her friend Tea Silvestre Godfrey, a marketing genius, also lives there! I want to meet her for coffee and attend the Summer Soiree 2014 and explore Portland.
• Hawaii
I joined a housesitting website which lead me to consider Hawaii. I should have investigated the website a little more. (I have figured out recently that my investigation skills need major work.) Most housesitting jobs are not for the US, and you are not paid for these glorious jobs, and you must pay your own airfare. . I would pay my airfare for Hawaii with a big smile on my face, but as you can imagine many people wanted that housesitting job.
There are also demands that must be met from each house owner, and there are some unique expectations from the sitters. Even with my limited budget and love of new places and new people, I am not milking a goat.
• Greece
I wanted this housesitting job also. It was like a dream, but someone grabbed that dream before my e-mail was received by the owner.
• Portland, Maine
I want to walk down the cobbled streets and look at everything this city has to offer.
• Central America
I started reading a book that my thoughtful loving supportive daughters bought me as a reinvention happy. It is about three young women who travel the world for a year focusing on Central America.It is a great book that deals with each girls inner struggle to continue the journey and leave familiar behind. I  became excited even though I would be traveling alone. I contacted a European Destination website. I told the nice lady on the phone that I wanted to travel in Central America for a month. She sent me a quote, and that my dears, was the end of that dream.. $6,000.00.

• Scarborough, Maine
No words needed when you look at this picture.Portland Head Light in Snow Brent Danley via Compfight

• Belize
A retiree/reinventors dream awaits me in Belize. The cost of living is affordable and there is always something to do or something beautiful to see.

• Charleston, SC
This city has everything I want. After reading several books about Sullivan Island and Folly Beach then mix in the culture, history, and magic of the city, this city is moving up in the list.
For someone who reads the menu twice and then debates about what to order, deciding where you want to run away to has been a hard task for me, but a door will open. Doesn’t it always? If you open yourself up to what this wonderful world has to offer and allow yourself to be vulnerable, life begins to happen.
Where, oh where, should I go? That door will open soon.

Check out Liz’s blog. She is an amazing independent lady.

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