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Charleston 1 185
View from the Vendue Rooftop

There are so many great restaurants, pubs, and bars that I have visited only a small number of the eating establishments. I was fortunate to have a local foodie friend who took me to great restaurants and suggested others. I hope this list will help you when you visit Charleston.

This bakery and café on East Bay Street has amazing desserts and cookies. I tried the Red Velvet, the Turtle Cheesecake and the peppered cheese cookies.

Kaminsky’s Baking Co.
I had the most amazing Hummingbird Cake on 78 North Market Street. It was so big that we split a piece of the cake, and I still brought home at least half of it.

Pearlz was one of my favorites. It is located at 153 East Bay Street. Pearlz is the go to place for happy hour.

The prices are reasonable. The food is very tasty, and the beer is cold. I recommend the Southern Fried Oysters and the Crisp Fried Shrimp, and the Corn Fritters. I loved the atmosphere, service and the communal tables. It allowed you to converse with other people and relax. Adelia and Michelle both gave it a thumbs up.

This restaurant/bar located at 495 King Street has a great rooftop bar. The Lobster and Grits Dish was amazing. I could have eaten the grits with the vegetables and not have eaten the lobster.

....so good!
….so good!

This was my favorite rooftop which was located on Vendue Range (right off of King Street on your way to the park). It was amazingly comfortable set up, and it had such an inviting atmosphere.

Red’s Ice House
This is a great place to watch the boats, kayaks, paddle boarders, and the fish sandwich was really good.   After a day at the beach or a day in the boat, it has the perfect atmosphere and view of Shem Creek.Charleston 1 108

Charleston Harbor Fish House
This place provided a beautiful view of the harbor.  Charleston 1 089

The duck dish was amazing.

Langdons Restaurant and Wine Bar
Order the pork chop! Great atmosphere!

Shelter in Mount Pleasant is a fun place with good music and a great outside area.

Southern is a laid back relaxing type bar with an older crowd. It was a fun place to end the night.

The East Bay Bar and Grill was a good place to watch the game. Typical bar food.Charleston 1 201
One thing that seems universal about Charleston restaurants and bars is the outside eating and drinking areas. With the climate of this area, it is what most people want to do. They take advantage of the warm weather and in some locations the wonderful breeze to enjoy being outside. Charleston has so much to offer in the way of fine dining and casual dining.  Enjoy!

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