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      Playa FlamingoCosta Rica  is my future home.   As I sit here texting a friend about the benefits of Cialas that I have heard, while eating barbecue pork rinds with an ice pack on my shoulder and upper back, I thought about my change of plans.

My upper back started bothering me when I was in Charleston. I think it was sitting on the couch in a humped back state working on my class and my blog that did it, but who knows. It could have been a combination of things like the bed I was sleeping on at the house. I did walk every day, so my lower back is feeling great.

Anyway, I started chartering my course for the west, and I realized that if I flew I would only see Portland and I was going to spend around $2,000 for seven days.  If I drove I would spend more but I would get to see more sites along the way, but the hotel expenses would add up.  I did not think my back could handle driving right now, even though it is feeling stronger every day, and I wanted more time away, or you could say more “bang for the buck”. I was attending an amazing Soiree in Portland, OR, which I hope I will be able to attend at a later date. It is going to be an amazing meeting of great minds.

I heard a friend talk about a birthday trip that she was taking to Costa Rica, and I started researching a trip there. I can go there for a month and eat well and take a few excursions for $3,000.00 and stay at a very nice resort.  This would be a sanctuary of beauty and new experiences.  I hesitated a little, and I am not sure why I hesitated, but after a swift reality check by my non-blood sisters, I was ready to book the airline tickets.  I hope to be healthy and full of life for a long time, but no guarantees are given for the future and who knows if we will be alive or healthy next year, and I can be really cheap when I get home.  No new fall clothes or shoes for me, and Christmas might be a little slim, my girls, but I did hit the winter sale at the ICC bookstore in May. I know that makes everyone feel better about his/her Christmas present. My friends who have seen my closet are thinking— what could you possible need that you do not have?

I started my search on airbnb.com. I would recommend this site but save every correspondence that you have with the owners. You must register and then you can send messages to the owners.  The price should be set before you leave. Print off your reservation slip.  I will be staying at the Flamingo Marina Resort. From my balcony I can see the ocean and the resort swimming pool.

Airport location and the location of your place of dwelling is important. When I started looking for a ticket, I chose the most common airport which is San Jose, but it was five hours from the resort. I realized this was not going to work and that I needed to fly in to Liberia airport which would be an hour and a half from the resort. There are several airports in Costa Rico, and you will need to research location. You also must arrange transportation to your dwelling which the price of the shuttle depends on distance and if you can take a shared shuttle or if you need a private shuttle. Of course with my arrival and departure dates, I need a private car.

I have found an excursion site. I want to take the Rincón de la Vieja National Park tour and as many other tours as I can afford. I will also be happy just sitting on the balcony or walking along the beach.  The beach close to this resort is Flamingo Beach.


Many people are retiring to Costa Rico and Belize, so I will need to check out Belize next. I know that YOU want me to compare the two locations for you.  Maybe next year……….

I know some of you are still reading because you want to hear about the Cialias… nothing really to add except if you need it, purchases can be made from Canada. I am not endorsing this in any way just passing on the gossip!


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