A Crack in My World: Retire?

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I realized one winter day that I could live with disappointment but not regret. It was a life changing decision, and it put a little crack in my world.

Should I walk away from a job  that I enjoyed to retire from this occupation and  venture out of my comfort zone and try something different?

We are creatures of habit, and we feel safe in repetition which give us a false sense of control. Why do you continue this job, relationship, habit, etc.? The typical answer from someone as he/she gets this strange look in his/her eyes is “Because that is what I have always done.” This behavior is considered the norm, and even though it may not be the only pathway, it is the one chosen day after day.     When ask “Why”, there is at times a silence because the person does not know why, but because that is what he/she has always done, and it is accepted by society as the correct way or the only way, the behavior continues.

Would I survive if I did not work twelve hours a days and answer e-mails 24/7?   Being a type A personality and a “If I am not producing results then I am wasting my time”  kind of girl, that question was daunting then I thought about the times when I come home from work and I begin working again and when I get up on Saturday morning and Sunday morning and begin working. There are times when I do not want to work, but what do I wish I was doing?  Well, that was another hard question, my life roommates, because I do not remember what I did do when I did not work two or three jobs and attend softball games with my girls.

Through soul searching, I found the answers to the questions listed below:

Will I retire from my job? Yes.

Will I work full time again? Maybe.

What will I do with my time? No definite answer which is what makes this SO much fun.

Will I start a blog because it is something I have always wanted to do? Yes.

Will I work part time? Yes.

Will I starve? No, my family, friends, and my man will not let me starve.

While I am not advocating for all of my life roommates to quit your job, leave your partner, or make major life altering decisions, I want to share my journey with you and hope it makes you think about what you want your journey to be.

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