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Gigi’s Corner  at this very moment is a happy place to be!

10-13-14 048
Stop with the flash, Mom!

What can you say about a new life being added to your life? Your life is forever changed in a good way. What is the negative to someone else to love? There is not a negative.

Kaden’s entry in to the world gave my family a new appreciation of the precious gift of life and how it can be taken away in the blink of an eye. Do you ever feel like you have led a charmed life? I do and I say this after experiencing some low points: two divorces, breast cancer and other family trials. When it comes to my children, I have led a charmed life. I know that and I am so very thankful. Why has my life been so wonderful? My children are happy and healthy.

When Kaden was in NICU, this was an in your face moment of my charmed life. When your children are in pain, you are in pain and feeling helpless is a scary feeling. You have a problem, let me think about it. I will work on a solution, inform you of that possible solution, and mark that off of my to-do list. Yes, this is how my mind works. No, I cannot change it only tone it down and try to keep it under control. I could not fix this: I transgressed back to my silent mode and my old normal coping method of just keep moving and make sure everyone has clean clothes and food.
I could not fix the pain and bewilderment that my family was feeling especially Austin, Jade and Aunt Kell. This was a time when Mom could not make everything better.
We were the lucky ones. Kaden experienced a setback, but his prognosis was always good. We just had to be patient and give his little body time to rebound. What about the parents who do not have this prognosis? How do they deal? I was reminded of my friend Deanna who had premature triplets that spent so much time in NICU. Their prognosis was good also, but the time factor had to be so hard, and the setbacks so hard to cope with on a daily basis. I have a new appreciation of her inner strength and love for her children.

There is a lesson in everything that happens in our lives.
What was our lesson from this? Patience and the understanding that just because things do not happen as you thought they would does not meant that the final results will not be spectacular. Comfort from family, friends and prayer will get you through tough times. Many people love you if you will just let them in to show it.
I think this boy is going to keep us all on our toes.

10-13-14 045
Kaden: Every day Gigi and Aunt Kell get pictures of me. Really, folks, are you not tired of seeing pics of me yet?
Gigi and Aunt Kell: No, nor will we ever be!

Cheers and Hotty Toddy!

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