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What address do I put in? Yes, this girl needs a gps. I am directionally challenged individual; hence, I am the U turn queen of the road. A trip does not feel complete without a few U turns. Changing directions is not always a bad thing, but it can seem like it at the time.

Yes, all of this was in my office.
Yes, all of this was in my office.

As I moved my office home last week, I was astounded at all of the stuff I had in that tiny space. After I hauled it home, I put the classic books away, but many things still remain in boxes. I am sure most will be thrown away later, but I cannot do it right now. It is like discarding old pictures or old messages- it takes a little while to wrap your head and heart around it.
I slipped out of the office because I did not want hugs or tearful good byes. You spend more time with the people you work with than you do your family. They are your work family that you love and you become a silent member of their family as you hear them talk about the loves in their life on a daily basis. It is a place to escape your personal life and emerge in a professional goal oriented world.
I was one of the lucky ones to leave a job that I loved (except for the endless stacks of essays to grade) and people that I love not because I have to leave, but because I want to try a different path. Will this be the path for me, well, who knows but I had to see.

I am ready to embrace a new city, meet people, and learn more about me. I think self-reliance is a valuable teacher- (Emerson would be loving me right now.)
Finding the perfect room to rent sealed the deal for my choice of cites, and of course, the beautiful beaches and the many things to do in the city did not hurt the vote for Charleston.
How did I get here? If someone told me last summer this would be where I am right now, I would have been a little frightened, but we have strength within us that allows us to roll with the flow and chase our dreams or maybe allow us to get answers to our questions. Most of the time we keep that strength bottled because change is hard.
Ready or not Charleston, this Mississippi girl will soon be on her way! I am preparing now because besides being the U Turn Queen, I am the Queen of Planning. I have so many wonderful titles! One of the first things was the packing list, and this one is intense, but I have only my car, so I am keeping it as light as possible. Some things may get left behind, but my beach chair will be in the car.

Other necessities will be insurance cards and proper identification and of course, my passport. If someone walks up to me on the street and gives me a free trip to Bali, I want to be ready to leave!
Financial things must also be considered. I do not want to return to MS and find I have no power, no water, or Lord forbid, no internet! There is only so much you can do and then you must quiet your control tendencies and take off.
Stay tuned for more as the Queen of U Turns and the Queen of Obsessive Planning will soon land!
buisness cards 003Thank you Lori– the Queen of Creative Ideas.

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