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Yes, I am an internet addict. Is there a support group for internet addiction? When is the last time you found yourself without WiFi for your computer? Many people use only their phones and are perfectly content with that, but I want high spend internet for my computer. I like to say a lot, and I cannot do that texting. I have it on my phone at all times, but I am accustomed to being at work with two lovely screens and fast internet and at home with two lovely screens and fast internet. At this time, I have only my phone except for when I visit Greg, McDonald’s on Folly Road or Starbucks in Mount Pleasant or the wonderful Charleston Library. I am not handling this well! There are other locations within walking distance, but my laptop weighs a lot, and my back would not appreciate that walk.
I suspected this might happen when I saw a past due bill here at this beautiful old home in downtown Charleston. When I first arrived, there were four other girls, but now there are only two girls. One of the girls that moved home was in charge of the internet bill; hence, no internet at the house for the last week and a half! I have not had tv since I arrived, and I was not missing that at all. It gave me more time to read and write which are my go to time suckers. BUT no internet has sent me in a tailspin.
My part-time job as an online instructor requires hours of internet usage, and there is so much knowledge that I need to be gaining from various sources to move forward. This fuels my internet addiction and makes me want more hours of internet access.
I have discovered that as I look at future dwellings that I am not concerned with the fact of sharing a bathroom with two other people, but only does it have WiFi? If it does, how fast is it?
When I consider a cruise or a vacation location, the first thing I check is internet connections. I feel a cold sweat start to occur when it dawns on me that internet is not accessible. I have been reading Love with a Chance of Drowning by Torre DeRoche (Thank you, Lori-more on this wonderful book later), and I completely relate to Torre’s internet needs and the excitement she feels when she reaches a port with an internet café.

I think some of this comes from being a type A personality who wants to do a good job and wants all of those items on the to-do-list checked off. When you are an online instructor, internet accessibility is the name of the game in order to meet the needs of the students and to meet deadlines.
What do you look at every day on your computer? This is what I look at first:
• Work e-mail: answer questions and then post.
• Weather – I love wunderground.com. Thank you, Mr. Lindsey!
• Facebook – Yes, I must see what my friends are doing especially My Vault girls, and as much as I do not like to read some of the rants and post that really should not be shared or should in my opinion only be shared on Twitter, I do enjoy reading the motivational quotes and keeping up with the moments of life that mean something to my friends.
• E-mail: I have four. Job e-mails, g-mail, and Comcast e-mail.
• Banking business: I must look occasionally at my statement to make sure that everything is as it should be. As the cartoon I read stated, “They would not steal from your account, but they might make a deposit when they saw your balance.” I am not sure why I feel the need to keep a check on this account, but there is a fear of someone getting my card number and lowering that balance.
Everyone has his/her own sites that he/she feels should be checked often:
• Sports updates- Rebel news- Daddy, Jordan, and Tyler
• Pinterest- Kelley and Jade
• Instagram- Everyone but me
• Twitter- constantly everyone but me. I have had a hard time embracing Twitter because I want to just talk and not hashtag everything, but I am making an effort.
• Travel sites and blogs- Lori
How do you handle not having internet access? I think you probably handle it better than I do!

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