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CR 4 019 Life in Costa Rica is very different, but as with all of God’s children Maslow’s first hierarchy of needs must be met to sustain survival.  

The air in this country can be many different things. It can be muggy at times almost like a Mississippi muggy but not quite that strong then at times it feels very light. The mountain air is so pure and clean, as is the breeze from the beach air which you can feel in most locations. I think what makes this place so special is the mountains and the ocean coexisting side by side. We are in a drought in this area, but we did have rain yesterday. It was the first rain since I have been here. Here at the condo the plants are watered, but I see beautiful flowers on the side of the road that are not being watered. One thing that has made me happy is no sinus or allergy meds the entire time I have been here.

CR 4 009The food in this region is basically rice, beans, and fruit  with some meat. There is sea food available on the menus, but not the amount that you would think would be in a coastal town. I thought the food would be hot and spicy, but it is not. Breakfast on Thursday with Ron  and Bill was very good. We went to Estero Azul which is located on the beach. The gallo pinto which is rice and beans with a side of bacon hit the spot. It was my first bacon since I left home. Thursday for lunch, Bill and I drove to The Green House, and I had amazing guacamole.

Bill and Claudia
Bill and Claudia
Ron and  Bill
Ron and Bill


CR 4 027Thursday night is  the radio show evening  at Playa Flamingo resort. The radio station broadcasts from 5 to 7, and your first drinks are two for one.  I made a new travel friend,  Tracy. She lives in Vegas, and she loves to travel. With just a little notice, she will be ready to hit the road. She found a great trip on Groupon for her trip to Costa Rica. The festival Friday night was entertaining. We arrived at 5:00 to hear Dave’s band play, and  we also got to see the Guanacaste dancers preform then Bill, Dave, and Brian, and I went to Tubla, an Italian restaurant. I had a brick oven calzone that was very big.

The pool at Flamingo resort
The pool at Flamingo resort


View of the beach from the  bar on the second floor.
View of the beach from the bar on the second floor.

Ron made his amazing clam chowder this weekend, and he shared with his friends.  I am eating a small portion each day to make it last longer.  By the way, lime rules in this country. You have mayo with lime, and my chips are barbecue with lime.  The price of food in this area is expensive but easy to access.

The water is easy to drink. It actually taste better than the water at home. I am not walking around with a water bottle in my hand all of the time. I still must have one with me when I leave the condo. Some habits never leave.  The predominant  beer here is Imperial Light. There is a good selection of different wines and alcohol. I have not had sweet tea or my version of half and half sweet tea since I have been here.

I am enjoying the condo. It is a perfect size for me.  I usually do not use the ac during the day, but I  do use it at night in my bedroom, so I can sleep. I think I was conditioned for this in Charleston when I was sleeping on the second floor where the air did not work well when it worked. I sleep well with the hum of the ac, and I can some mornings go back to sleep after the birds start their morning routine.  There are more English speaking channels on cable than I previously thought.

By the end of this trip, you may be very tired of beach scenes, but I cannot get enough of them.  Great environment and great people equal a great trip. Love and laughter to all!

CR 4 021

maslow's hierarchy of needs five stage pyramide

To understand the other parts of his hierarchy, check out this site.  http://www simplypsychology.org/maslow.html

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