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 morris island--lighthouse 038
I left the house early on Thursday for a needed beach day. One of my roommates had talked about James Island and another person mentioned James Island to me, so that was my destination until I was introduced to the Morris Island Lighthouse.

I stopped by a convenience store to get my big cup full of ice, and I asked about James Island and the James Island Park signs. I was told that it was a state park with a water park but not a beach; I knew immediately that was not my destination for the day. He said that I needed to go to Morris Island and see the Lighthouse. He told me to drive to Folly Beach and take a left and go until the road ended. Everywhere I go I am showered with kindness and patience. If I ever meet a rude Charlestonian, I may cry.

I was tempted to stop because the beach was nice before I got to the end, and there was free parking, but I continued to the end. A nice family was unloading their mini-van, and they answered my questions and allowed me to walk with them to the beach. It was a long walk carrying all of my stuff.

After you park, you walk through the end circle and down a paved road for around a quarter of a mile and then you decide which path you want to take. I went to the left and found a nice beach with very few people and with a great view of the lighthouse. The lonesome light house looked very regal with sea gulls flying around it. I started looking around me and I spotted a fisherman who was having a great relaxing day just watching his fishing poles.  I think he was the smartest person on the beach because he pulled all of his stuff in a little red wagon. He said the fish was not biting that day, but we both agreed any day on the beach is a good day.

morris island--lighthouse 041

I then started to unload and set up the stuff! I stopped and purchased an umbrella holder thing on the way to the beach. I always struggle with getting the umbrella not to fly down the beach. I test my reflexes with this every time, so far, I can still catch it before it plunges in the ocean.  This was a big fail.  It did not work, and I was still constantly trying to keep it stable. My next trip to this beach will be soon, and my load will be lightened, and to hell with the umbrella. I will drown myself in SPF 50(as always) and hope for the best. Every time I looked up from my writing and reading, I was looking at the majestic lighthouse and appreciating the quiet and the seclusion.

While looking at the lighthouse, I could not help but wonder, how many people had this lighthouse guided to safety?morris island--lighthouse 048

At this point in my life, I have not needed a lighthouse for navigating actual water, but I need several lighthouses daily to guide me through the waters of life.  For many people, their navigational “light” comes from a religious or spiritual presence that soothes and caresses the heart and soul. To get to that presence or to find that presence is a never ending journey. Besides a spiritual presence, I need my girls, my family, and my friends who surround me with unconditionally love and support. While they may not understand my thought process, they are always there to listen and pick me up when I am moving toward a dim light.

What is your lighthouse that helps you to navigate this great journey called life?

FYI- Eating yogurt by dipping pieces of watermelon in  the yogurt is very tasty but very messy. Note to self: Remember the spoon next time.

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