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Vegas, VI, and Texas 2016

2016: Vegas, Virgin Islands, and Texasvi-5-cane-bay

Vegas – December
NFR is fun, and the scenery is amazing. I am not talking about the scenery at the casinos even though it is very well decorated for the Christmas season. Save your money and hire a driver if you want to see sight see. It is totally worth it. Hoover Dam is something to see.


Allegiant Airlines: Cheap, cheap flights, but beware of the following:
All beverages cost money. A diet Coke is $2.00.
They accept nothing but cards.
Weight for check in luggage on other planes is 50 lbs., but for this airline, it is 40 lbs. Yes, I had to weigh my luggage before I left the house.

You can bring on the plane a purse or a very small bag. If you bring carry-on luggage such as a back pack, it will cost you $15.00, if you do it online before you leave. If you wait until you get to the airport, I think it is $35.00.
You are charged if you pick your seat. I do not care where I sit or who I sit with on the plane. It is like an opportunity to meet new people, but if that is important to you then this might not be a good choice for you.
It was still worth it to me because a non-stop Vegas flight for $150.00 including baggage is worth a little inconvenience.


Virgin Islands – August
St. Thomas and St. Croix
Awesome adventure. I met some really great people.
Every day it is like you are looking at a picture or a postcard. It reminded me of Costa Rica where you want to reach out and touch what you are viewing to make sure that it is

I stayed at Bluebeard’s Castle. The staff was so nice and accommodating.

Corner by the Pool – Great place for breakfast.
Cabana Bar – Love the ladies who work at the bar!
Warning: Alcohol is very plentiful in the islands. It is cheaper to put alcohol in a drink than the mixers.

Great places to eat:
Johnnie Gabriel’s
Hibiscus Café and Bar
Eat at Cane Bay
Jen’s Deli
Green House
Dog House Pub
The Bombay Club
There were many others, but I cannot remember the names.

Water Island is wonderful. Spend time there. You take a small boat over and stay as long as you want. ($10.00 round trip)

I am not a big fan of the small airplanes that hop from one island to another and land on the water, but sometimes, you must just suck it up and go!vi-plane

My one regret is that  I did not make it to St. John’s Island. I am sure Kenny Chesney was waiting on me, but I ran out of time.

Purchase jewelry, perfume, and alcohol and tobacco products if you need them. No tax!

Texas- May
The best road trip I have ever taken!
On your way stop at the Boudin Shop. The food was really good.

They really do pull over and let you go past them if they are driving too slowly. It is so chivalrous!

Shade Tree Saloon and Grill- Spring Branch, Texas
Quaint place that you will love!

San Antonio Riverwalk- A very neat place with many restaurants and things to do.

Alamo- I did part of it. If I can see it online, it is hard for me to stand in line to see it.

Mitierra- Great food and pastries! There is always a line for the bakery.

Austin- Always a wonderful place to visit. Food trucks are so good (Taco Flats). Cupcakes not as good as I remembered them to be. You must go two step at the Broken Spoke and look at pictures of George Strait in the ladies restroom.

Deep Eddy’s Vodka and Tito’s Vodka are products of the Austin region.

Fredericksburg – Great downtown area with many shops to browse.

Gruene, Texas – We drove by and viewed the oldest dance hall (1878).

The Grapevine in Giddings, Texas – Our favorite shopping experience.

Luckenbach- I had to visit because of the song.
Waylon Jennings- Luckenbach, Texas

It is a very small town with interesting people and concerts on certain nights.

New Orleans- April
I have written about this city before. It is a favorite.
Mardi Gras tour was fun. The other tour was also fun:
The Tasting Room
McClure’s Barbecue
NOLA Brewing Tap Roomnola-4-03-16-025nola-4-03-16-021

Mexico- January
I did write about this wonderful trip.

I want to go to Cuba and walk the streets as Hemingway did. Any suggestions on where to stay or what to do, let me know.

Safe travels!vi-ending-of-blog

When In NOLA

NOLA 2-26-15 008When in NOLA, the Big Easy, the great city of New Orleans, there are so many things to do. I visit every time I can, and there are so many things I have not seen. It is a city that becomes a part of you one trip at a time.  It reminds me of Charleston and New York… I know that is a strange combination. This great city and time with your oldest daughter and friends- what could be better?

NOLA 2-26-15 006

The weather was a deciding factor in my departure time. Winter decided to laugh in the face of my cute little buttercups in the yard, and winter is still laughing.

We arrived in New Orleans after dark, and our hotel was off the main track, but we found it quickly. It was adorable. We stayed at the Chateau Hotel on Chartres Street. It is at the corner of Chartres and St. Phillip. It is in an amazing location two blocks from Jackson Square, Bourbon Street and the Old French Market.  You enter in the lobby and then you go outside to get to your room. The key is an old big key not a little swipe card. The rooms are small, but the rooms have so much character. A continental breakfast is delivered to your room. It is like being on a cruise. You choose what you want, and it is delivered. It is a part of your hotel room fee.   Everyone was friendly and very helpful. Check out is 1:00 which really helps when you have a late conference date. NOLA 2-26-15 010NOLA 2-26-15 005

NOLA 2-26-15 003                 

We ventured out and ate at one of my favorite brunch places- the Ruby Slipper on Magazine. It was wonderful as usual.

NOLA 2-26-15 015

NOLA 2-26-15 012

The wind tunnel on Canal Street is for real. When you walked down a side street, it was so much warmer.

I have been able to curb my clothes purchases that I do not need since retirement and honestly, my primary wardrobe is sweat pants and a sweat shirt, but I still battle my shoe obsessions. As we walked around, we found an unusual show store. I did not buy anything, but these shoes were the real deal!  SHOE.BE.DO! – An Addiction 

NOLA 2-26-15 019

Great boots on sale on the website. Click on SALE.


NOLA 2-26-15 016


NOLA 2-26-15 018


We finished the day with beignets and great coffee at Café Du Monde. It is still amazing to me that your coffee is served two ways: Coffee Black or Au Lait and that you can order beignets or beignets. They come in orders of three with an abundant amount of powdered sugar.

Dinner at Café Pontalba was very good. The hotel manager told us that this was where the locals ate. The gumbo and sea food platter were very good.

NOLA 2-26-15 033

Later we went to Bourbon to hear the great bands, to view the unique sites and visit with other people presenting at the many medical conferences this weekend.

We had a lazy day as Kelley prepared for the conference. We drove out to Audubon Park and looked at the park and the beautiful campus of Loyola.  The one ways streets tormented me, but we finally made it to the InterContinental hotel on St. Charles Avenue, and we found wonderful parking right beside the hotel with a very kind attendant.

NOLA 2-26-15 039

Kelley looked beautiful and confident as she prepared for the presentation.  NOLA 2-26-15 041

Mardi Gras King Cake flavored ice cream or vodka

NOLA 2-26-15 028


NOLA 2-26-15 025

Girls + travel = Lots of stuff

NOLA 2-26-15 029

Thank you, New Orleans Firefighters!

NOLA 2-26-15 034

A trip to New Orleans is always a good idea!

Next up: Florence, Jackson, and the Cereal Capital of the World

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